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2012 – Week One

Welcome to 2012.  A new year, a new website, and a new layout for Photo of the Week.   I’m thinking that this year I’ll post the images as thumbnails and then let you click on them to enlarge.  Not sure about whether to have the vote buttons this year.  I think I like them, so I’ll have a think about installing them in this new website (just for the Photo of the Year blog).  Somewhere in the sidebar to the right you should be able to subscribe to Photo of the Week, and down at the bottom of this post you can leave comments.  Let me know what you think about the layout, thumbnails, whether the RSS feed is working – or just say hello!


  1. Nikhil Ramkarran

    25th Apr 2012

    I would, in a heartbeat, buy a print of the Dolomites at whatever absurdly high price you might chose to charge. Superb!

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