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Week Sixteen


Photo One – Moonrise over Whitley

Not a lot of photos to choose from this week.  In fact, I spent 3 full days cycling, at least one day driving, and three days stuck in front of my computer trying to finally get my Guyana photos in some sort of order.

So, PotW for this week is the only photo I took – and it is taken from home!  I looked up from my computer and saw the moon had just popped up over the hills.  It’s just a shame the houses aren’t a little more attractive.

  1. esther

    12th Aug 2011

    >the houses may not be anything special but it is a lovely shot of the moon at dusk.

  2. Nikhil Ramkarran

    12th Aug 2011

    >Hey, I like it. I've seen similar opportunities here in Diamond but if you think those houses aren't that attractive try dealing with building waste, drink bottles and some alarming colours on the houses. I just didn't bother. This isn't bad at all, particularly by comparison :)

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