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Week Six


Photo One – Heptonstall with Stoodley Pike in the background and heavy rain on the way
Photo Two – Sheep behind an old gate near Digley in the Holme Valley
Photo Three – The road to Slack winds through fields
Photo Four – Fields surrounding the village of Holme with dark moorland behind
  1. Nikhil Ramkarran

    15th May 2011

    >Stunning colours, overcast days where the sun shines through the clouds can be such a source of photographic nirvana. Glad to see you've made the best of it here. My favourite is photo 2.

  2. Fab 2

    19th May 2011

    >Totally agree with Nikhil, storms that are moving away from you are great! :) I think my favourite is 1 or maybe 4. Did you use a grey grad?

  3. The Photographer

    19th May 2011

    >Sadly, these storms (especially on the first photo) were coming right at me! The last photo I took on the first view has drops of rain on the lens and a black sky right in front of me.. I had to run for the car! Photo 1 definitely has a grey grad; Photo 4 doesn't (I think!) as I snapped it after shooting the sheep!

  4. esther

    26th May 2011

    >we do get some fab skies in Britain don't we….

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