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Week Seventeen


Photo One – Chasing Sunlight
Photo Two – Plane on a Wire
Photo Three – Welcome to North Yorkshire – The White Horse at Sutton Bank (as white horses go, this one is pretty young, so maybe it’s a foal!)
Photo Four – Summer Harvest
  1. esther

    12th Aug 2011

    >how did you get photo one?!? It looks like you must have been in the air to take it. All lovely pics this week.

  2. The Photographer

    12th Aug 2011

    >It's Sutton Bank near Thirsk. A seriously steep limestone cliff on the edge of the plain of York. Using a long lens gives an even greater feeling of flying!

  3. Nikhil Ramkarran

    12th Aug 2011

    >There is a sort of consensus on image one, and it is not difficult to figure out why. Its excellent!

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