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Week Seven


Photo one – A wet walk above Hepworth as the evening sun tries to break through
Photo Two – Old Church
Photo Three – Deer farm near York
Photo Four – A strangely bright patch of trees!

  1. Nikhil Ramkarran

    26th May 2011

    >Not so keen on number 2 but that is the only one of this set. I really like your different (wider and more inclusive) take on the tree trunks. Usually you find photographers concentrating on a narrower view.

  2. Fab 2

    26th May 2011

    >I see the stormy weather prevails! Does make pretty pretty skys though! My favourite is the trees, gorgeous light. :)

  3. The Photographer

    27th May 2011

    >Nikhil – It's my challenge this year to take a photo of an English church which you like!

    As for the trees – I really wasn't sure about them; they nearly didn't make it into the choice of four. They seem to be in the lead at the moment though, which just goes to show!

  4. esther

    30th May 2011

    >I love the focus on every tree trunk x

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