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Week Five


Photo One – I’ve had this picture in mind for a few weeks now, I’ve just been waiting for the rape fields to ripen.
Thanks to Russ for the car, and his patience!
Photo Two – Saltburn on Sea.  A great seaside resort on a warm sunny day.
Of course, being in North Yorkshire it is quiet, empty, and parking is free.
Photo Three – I did a quick pitch invasion at Bradford City FC.
They turned on the sprinklers to get rid of me, but it only made things look better.
Photo Four – Captain Cook (and his parrot – or perhaps just a seagul) look out to sea,
and the setting sun, from Whitby.
  1. Nikhil Ramkarran

    8th May 2011

    >Photo 2 is my favourite of the set. A tranquil scene with the little settlement nestled in the corner. Very scenic. No. 1 would make a great wallpaper, colourful, and that car . . . a treat for a gear head.

  2. esther

    10th May 2011

    >Love the North Yorkshire comment!

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