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Week Eight


Photo One – Dog walking on Cramond Sands.  The posts in the background follow the walkway to Cramond Island which can be reached at low tide.
Photo Two – White Lamborghini, dull day, warehouse with yellow roller shutters, job sorted!  I think the only way to represent such a crazy car is with something abstract.
Photo Three – Raintown.  Edinburgh suburbs with the Forth Bridge in the distance.
Photo Four – Two for the Price of One.  Cramond Island cut off at high tide (top picture) and the setting sun from Calton Hill.  The box in the lower picture is a gasometer – which has a listed building preservation order to protect it…
  1. Nikhil Ramkarran

    5th Jun 2011

    >I know there are a lot of people who are going to love the landscapes, and I can understand that 'cause they are pretty good. But the one of this collection that really gets me going is the Lamborghini abstract. Fabulous shot! Iconic even.

  2. The Photographer

    5th Jun 2011

    >Thanks Nikhil… Soon I'll get round to putting up a few more pics from the car shoot on my other blog! Been a bit busy lately…

  3. esther

    6th Jun 2011

    >oooh, very difficult to choose this week. I loved the movement of the person and dog in photo 1, I loved the brooding quality of photo 3, but I think photo 2 is the flawless one… xx

  4. The Photographer

    7th Jun 2011

    >Thanks Esther – I expected to get Peter's vote on 2, but not yours!!!

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