Guyana – Land of Many Waters

Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America. Much of the country is an unspoiled and beautiful wilderness, abounding in pristine, virgin rainforest and unique, remarkable wildlife. The people of Guyana are a diverse mix, from the nine Amerindian first peoples through successive historic waves of colonists, slaves & economic migrants, including Dutch, African, English, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese and most recently, Brazilians.

From the vibrant colours of the Caribbean in the capital city, Georgetown, through the lush greens of the rainforest; from the rich mud of the rainy season to the leaching glare of the hot sun in a clear blue sky, Guyana is a land of unforgettable contrasts.

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Guyana - Land of Many Waters

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Some comments on Guyana – Land of Many Waters

‘We have received both copies of your lovely book on Guyana - thank you very much.  The photographs are truly spectacular.’

‘I loved the shots of the Kaieteur Falls at sunset, and also the misty view, and some of the shots of Amerindian village life took me back to my own visit in 1974′

‘The book arrived yesterday and is full of lovely evocative photos. Thank you very much.’

‘Finally, an accurate portrayal of the beauty of Guyana (Guiana) and our indigenous/ First Nation people we call “Amerindian.” I would like to see more about “tim’chri/Timehri,” or “the writing on the rock” that is the indigenous alphabet.’

‘The pictures say it all…can see much effort, time & patience went into taking those shots….’

‘Outstanding photography! James has an amazing gift for capturing the moment and suspending it in time. A true work of art.’

‘James is an amazing photographer. I looked at his work every day, which he posted on a blog throughout his time in Guyana, and am SO impressed. Not only is it beautiful, all his pictures have an underlying sensitivity to the people and the natural world which is deeply touching.’

‘I just received my copy of the 13×11 I had ordered for my husband for Christmas…it’s absolutely beautiful…seeing the pictures in the large size is worth the extra money!!!’