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Merry Christmas


To me it’s a scene which reminds me of heat, sweat dripping off my brow, and no doubt a few mossies swarming round.  But for Jesuit Missions this has become their Christmas Card for 2010.  With a print run of a few thousand cards they will be sent all around the world to people who have provided support or donations to the British Jesuits in 2010.

The image has also been used in a calendar for ScotiaBank in Guyana.  See Georgetown photographer Michael Lam’s blog for more images from the calendar.

  1. Nikhil

    24th Dec 2010

    >I can never get tired of this photo. It's like a snapshot of creation, either 5 minutes after or 5 billion years after.

  2. Michael C. Lam

    24th Dec 2010

    >Absolutely an amazing photograph! Merry Christmas James and Sarah!!!

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